One of the biggest concerns for adults around the United States is taking care of their aging parents.  According to the United States Census Bureau, almost 58 Million Americans are 65 years old and older, meaning that over 17 percent of the American population may need help with their daily lives.

The growing numbers for the Senior Population in the United States have created a higher demand for Assisted Living Communities, Home Health Aides, and Senior Accomidating Housing. The escalating need for these services combined with the state of Inflation in the American Economy has created an environment where it is becoming more expensive for Senior Care.

The website Seniorly gathered information from 60,000 Senior Living Communities along with data from year-to-year Senior Care costs to find out how much it costs for essential Elderly Care in the United States.  Their research found that the median cost of At-Home Health Aides is now less expensive than Assisted Living Communities in all but six states.

Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash
Photo by Vlad Sargu on Unsplash

One of those states is New Jersey, which is the Ninth most expensive Assisted Living State at an Average Monthly Cost of $5058 for Assisted Living Community. But that costs less in New Jersey than the Median Monthly Cost for Home Health Aide, which is at $6058 and ranks the Garden State as 17th highest in the United States in that category.

Even though New Jersey's Assisted Living Costs have dropped 14 percent, the cost of quality Senior Care in the state is still at a high premium compared to the rest of America.  The least expensive states are Louisiana ($2,946), Georgia ($3,318), and South Dakota ($3,378).

Elderly Medical Care
Photo by CDC on Unsplash

The Northeastern United States has seven of the top ten most expensive states for Monthly Assisted Living Costs:

*New Hampshire: Number One Most Expensive, $8,248 Per Month
*Delaware: Number Three Most Expensive, $6,101 Per Month
*New York: Number Six Most Expensive, $5,663 Per Month
*Massachusetts: Number Seven Most Expensive, $5,517 Per Month
*Rhode Island: Number Eight Most Expensive, $5,515 Per Month
*New Jersey: Number Nine Most Expensive, $5,058 Per Month
*Vermont: Number Ten Most Expensive, $5,010 Per Month

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