Donna Kelce continues to live her best life! The newest perk for the mom of Super Bowl champs Travis and Jason Kelce is a turn on the game show The Price is Right.

NFL's Favorite Mother

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Donna Kelce gave birth to not one but TWO Super Bowl-winning football players! Jason Kelce, center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and younger brother Travis, already a two-time champion tight end with the Kansas City Chiefs.

New Heights Podcast

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Not only are the Kelce Brothers superstar athletes and standouts in the NFL, they also have one of the most popular podcasts, The New Heights Show, where once a week during the football season they talk about life and the game.

Donna Could Become Taylor Swift's Mother-in-Law

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As if being mom to pro footballer brothers isn't enough, Travis Kelce's romance with Taylor Swift has put Donna Kelce right in the orbit of the pop star. The two have been spotted spending time together rooting on Travis from the suites at Kansas City football games. She's even met Taylor's parents Scott and Andrea!

New News

Ahead of Super Bowl 58, where Travis Kelce will venture to help give his Chiefs a victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Donna Kelce will appear on a special nighttime episode of the CBS game show The Price is Right.

Travis and Jason Kelce will reportedly show up during the episode to welcome Donna to 'come on down!'

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The Price Is Right at Night special, airing Wednesday, February 7th at 8 p.m., will feature supersized prizes and Super Bowl-themed packages, including a trip to Las Vegas for the big game.

And it looks like Donna Kelce will be all up in the action!

Super Bowl 58 takes place Sunday, February 11th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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