You're not supposed to listen to everything you read or watch on the internet, but sometimes, that info happens to be true. Apparently, that's the case when it comes to the latest breakfast trend sweeping through the Garden State.

Have you ever tried a stuffed bagel?

If you haven't, don't worry, you're not the only one.

Stuffed bagels started gaining popularity only two years ago when videos of a New York bagel shop's newest creation went absolutely viral. Of course, it took no time at all to spread to New Jersey. Now, it seems every bagel joint from north to south has their version of the viral bagel TikTok trend.

Stuffed bagel viral TikTok trend

Stuffed bagels took the food world by storm, combining the beloved flavors of bagels with creative fillings in a fun and convenient way.

The viral stuffed bagels gained their fame through social media, particularly platforms like Instagram, which isn't surprising since that's the platform on which visually appealing and unique food creations often go do viral. These bagels are made by rolling out colorful bagel dough into a thin sheet, then filling it with various cream cheese-based fillings like birthday cake, Oreo, or Nutella. The dough is then rolled up and twisted into a bagel shape before being baked to perfection.

Either that, or the restaurants combine different bagel flavors with various cream cheese spreads and jams, sauces, etc. in an effort to come up with their own original concoction.

IG via @megthings_/Canva
IG via @megthings_/Canva

NJ viral stuffed bagel

One such place is located in Old Bridge, Middlesex County. It's called Doughlicious Bagels and Donuts. See what they did there? 😉 A local foodie heard about their stuffed bagels complete with cream cheese, garlic, and other deliciousness, so she took it upon herself to try one for the rest of us.

After watching that, how can one NOT be tempted to give these a try? If you have any suggestions about where to go in South Jersey to try a really great stuffed bagel, let us know on the app!

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