It has to be shocking to see an animal very close to your house that you can't identify.

Not that you can't identify who the animal belongs to. I'm talking about you can't identify what the animal is!

New Jersey residents say they've seen mountain lions in the state

Even though the "official" New Jersey wildlife stance is "there are no mountain lions or cougars in New Jersey", a lot of people claim they've seen mountain lions or cougars in New Jersey.

Over the last couple of years, I've written several articles about mountain lions or cougars in the Garden State. Every month over the past two years I've received email after email from people from all parts of New Jersey who claim they've seen some sort of big cat.

You can check out many of the stories of the eyewitness accounts here.

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New Jersey resident captures possible mountain lion on video

The most recent sighting reported to me comes from Gregory Kowalczyk. Kowalsczyk says he captured what he thinks is a mountain lion on his Ring doorbell camera.

He lives in Scotch Plains and says, "I've seen many different wildlife but the shape of the head, neck, and tail... the way it walks...appears to be a mountain lion to be. He is way larger than a German shepherd."

Check out the video here:

Kowalsczyk says friends don't believe his story - but, it does look pretty interesting, right?

What do you think?

If you've seen what you think is a mountain lion or cougar in New Jersey, I'd love to hear you story - and see any video of photos, too! My email is

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