The wife sends you to the store for milk, bread, and eggs - is it going to snow?

While you're there, you spend a couple of bucks on a lottery ticket.

Fast forward a few hours later, and your ticket wins you cash!

Big cash!

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Shoprite shopper wins lottery
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The winning Powerball ticket is worth $50,000

New Jersey Lottery officials say a winning $50,000 ticket was purchased at the Shoprite on Route 37 in Toms River recently.

The ticket was for the February 12th Powerball drawing.

The winning Powerball numbers for February 12th were 17, 36, 43, 53, and 67. The Powerball number was 14.  The Double Play numbers for the drawing were 29, 49, 51,61, and 66. The Powerball number was 2.

For someone to hit the $50,000 prize, they would have had to match 4 of the numbers plus the Powerball number.

As of yet, no winner of the prize has been announced.

Powerball Jackpot Reaches Second-Highest Amount In History
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Other big winning tickets

The week of February 12th also saw players in other cities willing bigger lottery prizes:

  • Bayonne - $30,000 in Mega Millions
  • Perth Amboy - $30,000 in Mega Millions
  • Camden - $50,000 in Powerball
  • Riverside - $1,203,723 in Jersey Cash 5
  • Newark - $1,203,723 in Jersey Cash 5

Congratulations to all of New Jersey's big winners!

As of this writing, there are some pretty big jackpots available to lottery players. The jackpot for Mega Millions is at $525 Million, while the jackpot for the Powerball game is $348 Million.

If you do hit the lottery for some big cash, we have some ideas of how to spend the money coming up.


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