Ask any New Jersey resident and you'll discover really quickly just how opinionated we all are regarding the rules of the road. For starters, you'll soon learn that the law verses common street etiquette here in the Garden State differ slightly.

While yes, it's against the law to speed here in New Jersey, you'll likely never catch anybody going less than ten miles over the speed limit on the Garden State Parkway, Atlantic City Expressway, or any of Jersey's major roadways.

You'll also quickly realize that if you're not hauling tail, make sure you stay out of the left lane. That lane's not meant for you and you WILL be tailgated. Your home is in the right lane. Go ahead and get comfy.


We're also HUGE fans of a U-Turn. It's not that we're excited when we have to whip a U-bee, but we'll do it regardless of the legalities if we miss a turn or took a wrong exit.

To put it simply, NJ drivers are savage.

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That's not to say, however, that all of our driving habits have an illegal aspect to them, thought.


Is it illegal to pull through a parking spot?

While it's true that we often look at traffic patterns as more like guidelines rather than actual rules (thanks POTC for that one), we don't always break the law. It's more like pushing the envelope. Not everything we do on the roads is illegal, but it's definitely toeing the line.

For example, you'll never see a New Jersey resident back out of a parking space if the one in front of us is clear. We just won't do it. Nope, we'll be the one pulling through the spot, then driving off to continue about our business.


Before you yell at me & say it's illegal, it's actually not.

Since parking lots are usually privately owned, it's not against the law to pull through a spot. It is, however, frowned upon. Even experts say if you're going to pull through a spot, make sure you're cautious about it. You don't want to slam into someone who thought it was empty and was making an attempt to turn in. That's a recipe for disaster.

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