Sometimes you don't need fancy to be good.

Even the fancy people know that.

Our friends at Food & Wine says a very unassuming place on the Black Horse Pike in Atlantic County dishes out the best BBQ in the entire state of New Jersey.

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New Jersey's Best BBQ can be found just outside Hammonton.

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Google Maps

If you want great BBQ, the place to go according to Food & Wine is Henri's Hotts, on the Black Horse Pike.

The experts say it's Henri's ribs that you need to try:

"The joint has quietly become one of the best places for barbecue anywhere near Philadelphia, mostly because of those ribs, smoked out back over oak and hickory, generously lacquered with Henri's own nicely balanced but relatively sweet sauce."

Is your mouth watering yet?

Henri's Hotts has been around since 2009.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The restaurant is in a former pizza restaurant on the Pike.

Eat in and take out are available. The menu includes plates, platters, serving anywhere from one to many!

What do they serve at Henri's Hotts?

Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash
Photo by Emerson Vieira on Unsplash

On the menu, you'll find pulled pork, slow smoked chicken, jerk chicken, ribs, brisket and much more.

With Thanksgiving approaching, they even have a special smoked turkey package that will make your family smile from ear to ear.

If you're looking for great BBQ and don't mind dribbling some sauce on your shirt, Henri's Hotts may just be your best bet in New Jersey!

Find their menu, customer reviews and more here.

OK, now I'm hungry!


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