Looking for something hair-raising to do this Halloween season?

Look no further. Grab your friends and family, bundle up and get ready for a night of frighteningly good fun.

Find out where ghosts are still lingering around Monmouth County with Genevieve Kelly the owner of Jersey Shore Ghost Tours.

Are you brave enough to continue?

If you are, grab a lantern and take a stroll in the historic towns of Red Bank and Keyport.

Also, you can take a ride with The Keyport Princess for a two hour ghost tour on water. Genevieve has owned Jersey Shore Ghost Tours since 2017 and says she loves Halloween, history, ghosts, and telling stories. She adds, that it's fun to keep the history of those areas alive and says people tend to remember the history a little more when there's a ghost involved!

The Keyport Ghost Tour starts at The Parlour at 8pm on Saturdays on Main Street in Keyport. The Red Bank Ghost tour meets in front of the Dublin House on Fridays at
8pm and 9:30pm in Red Bank. You can check out www.jerseyshoreghosttours.net for more information.

Overall, Genevieve is hoping people have a good time, enjoy the stories and keep the ghosts alive. She says they do get weird photographic evidence from time to time.

The stories shared are all true to the best of her knowledge so if you join them you're not getting fake stories. She even said she was getting ready to tell a story once and
something pushed her! SCARY!!

You can also check out her shop, The Parlour, at 8 Main Street in Keyport where they host a lot of paranormal activity.

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