We all like to think we are out of the woods this time of year in New Jersey, but March doesn't mean the end of the snow season. Not by a long shot.

New Jersey snow totals
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We checked in the record books to see how much snow New Jersey towns have gotten over the years on St. Patrick's Day, and some of the totals are pretty impressive.

Don't Be Surprised By March Snow

Several towns have been chosen from the amazing weather database found at the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist, and we wanted to share them with you.

Snow in New Jersey
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We chose towns in the southern, central, and northern portions of the state to give you some idea of St. Patrick's Day snow totals over the years in your area.

We've Had Some Nasty March Snowstorms

Three of the six towns chosen show their highest March 17th snow total from the same storm, a nasty late-season storm in 1967.

Plowing Neew Jersey snow
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Here are the highest St. Patrick's Day snow totals in New Jersey history for the following towns.

Newark International Airport 1967 5.1 inches

Freehold 1978 5.0 inches

New Brunswick 1967 6.5 inches

Somerville 1967 6.0 inches

Sussex 2007 9.5 inches

Atlantic City International Airport  2014 3.7 inches.

March snow New Jersey
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It's no surprise that the highest totals came out of Sussex, and the lowest totals from these towns were in Atlantic City.

For the record, Weather.com extended forecasts for Newark are calling for temperatures to be in the 50s on St. Patrick's Day this year. We hope that holds up.

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