This is the time of year in New Jersey when we look forward to warm weather, outdoor activity, and the return of spotted lanternflies.

Having an earthquake and a solar eclipse days apart is not enough. What would a New Jersey spring be without an insect infestation as well?

Here Come The Lanternflies

Over the past few summers, we have endured a spotted lanternfly infestation in the Garden State.

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We have all worked very hard over the past few summers to do our share to eradicate the problem, and parts of the state reported less trouble last summer than the year before.

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That, however, doesn't mean the problem is gone for New Jersey residents. We still have to be prepared to continue to do our part.

What New Jersey Should Prepare For

None of us are looking forward to another season of swatting the destructive pests, but we should be prepared, and that starts with the schedule of events we can expect.

We are weeks away from Stage 1, according to, known as the Nymph Stage. In this stage, the insects are tiny, black with white spots, and can't fly, but are excellent jumpers.

We can expect the Nymph stage to occur between early May through July in New Jersey. We then move to the next phase.

When Will We Start Seeing The Familiar Red Color?

Starting in July, the pests will be a little bigger and feature a red color and stripes. At That point, they still will not have reached adult status.

The earliest sightings of the full adults can happen as early as July and continue through December.

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