If you think New Jersey is among the worst states for potholes, a recent report confirms what you already knew.

Harsh Winter Creates High Number Of Potholes On New York City's Roads
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The Garden State ranks in the top 10 states for the worst potholes in America, according to a report at USA Today.

We've all hit our favorite pothole recently. It's that time of year here in the Garden State, and we've also seen the signs that say pothole repair is in progress in our state.

New Jersey Is Almost The Pothole Capital Of The Country

And when it comes to the number of potholes we encounter here in New Jersey, recent data says we are among the ten states in the country with the biggest pothole problem.

Potholes In The Roads Surrounding Glasgow
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Specifically, New Jersey ranks 8th ( we are tied at #8 with Maryland) on the list of America's worst pothole states.

Only New York, Indiana, California, Tennessee, Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington State have a worse problem than we do, and most of those states have a much harsher winter than we do.

New Jersey Residents Think We Should Be The #1 Pothole State

The rankings for the worst pothole states were determined using Google Trends and which states searched things like "potholes" and "pothole repair" most often.

Harsh Winter Creates High Number Of Potholes On New York City's Roads
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If you are sick of hitting that same pothole every day, and you want to report it, here's all you have to do here in New Jersey.

Just go to the New Jersey Department of Transportation site, and there you'll find a pothole hotline for every New Jersey county.

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