We've all heard the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Have you ever taken something from the curb that someone in your neighborhood was throwing away?

Maybe you passed a bike, lawn mower, dresser, or chair on your way to work and pulled over to put it in your car to bring home.

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There are various reasons why someone may consider seeking out someone else's trash.

Some people take things as a hobby or to resell the items and make money, others do it out of necessity.

But, what about going through a dumpster in New Jersey, is that legal?

Photo by Rose Pineau on Unsplash
Photo by Rose Pineau on Unsplash

What is dumpster diving?

Dumpster diving is defined as searching through dumpsters or trash cans for items of value or edible food.

You have to be so careful when dumpster diving because you never know what's in there.

There could be broken glass, nails sticking out of wood, among many other things that can be very dangerous.

It can be dirty, gross and extremely unsanitary.

Photo by ifer endahl on Unsplash
Photo by ifer endahl on Unsplash

Can you legally dumpster dive in New Jersey?

The answer is YES.

There are really no laws against it. However, you have to be very mindful of trespassing laws and ordinances.

You obviously can't go on private property and look through someone's personal trash or rummage through trash near a retail store that's on private property.

You can get in trouble for trespassing.

Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash
Photo by Jennifer Uppendahl on Unsplash

According to moneyworths.com, there are certain areas of the state where dumpster diving is more popular.

Where in New Jersey is dumpster diving most popular?

The article states that the wealthiest areas of the state including, North Caldwell, Haddonfield, Rumson, Allendale, Westfield and Ridgewood are the most popular for dumpster diving.

Again, just make sure you look for "no trespassing" signs and that you're not on private property.

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