Would you be able to tell me what your significant other's fast food order would be?  Mcdonalds put some couples to the test and one of the most famous of them just launched their own date night combo meal for you to try on your next date.

You know you’ve made it as a celebrity couple when you become the first celebrity duo meal in Mcdonald's history. If you are a Cardi B fan you’ll love this even more.

Who is hotter than Cardi right now? Cardi B & Offset that’s who.  They are famously in love with Mcdonald's and now they are sharing their favorite combo of food with their fans.

As of Valentine’s Day, you can order the official Cardi B & Offset Datenight Meal countrywide. 

The Mcdonald's spot during the big game showed a cameo from Cardi and Offset as well as some other couples.  In case you missed it here it is.


So what does their date night order consist of?

  • Cardi B’s classic McDonald’s Cheeseburger, paired with tangy BBQ sauce and a Large Coke
  • Offset’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese and a Large Hi-C  Orange Lavaburst
  • And to share... a Large order of World Famous Fries and a hot, flakey Apple Pie.
Photo credit: Mcdonalds
Photo credit: Mcdonalds

They make a cute couple but they are clearly leaving something out!  I'm gonna need a Mocha Frappe, lose the whipped cream but keep the chocolate drizzle, please.  Oh and not to be too diva about it, let it melt for precisely 3 minutes before the first sip.  Now we're talking. All this is for a limited time so go take your IG selfie and tag Miss B. Oh and let's be clear if you are getting chicken nugs it's all about the sweet and sour sauce.

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