Living in New Jersey has a lot of perks.

Easy access to the Shore, tons of parks, great food, and just a fun way of life; we have tons of small towns but also have a big city feel when you go further North.

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Jersey has a little something for everyone, and if you're looking to really get to know the Garden State, World Atlas says you should check out its most underrated cities.

What Are The Most Underrated Cities In New Jersey?

Let's start with a city we're all at least familiar with.

7. Newark

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Newark made the World Atlas list for a few reasons; it's a mixing pot for many different cultures and has a growing food scene.

You have easy access to New York from Newark, and of course, you can catch a game at the Prudential Center.

That being said, Newark is also one of the more dangerous cities in Jersey so if you go for a visit make sure you do your research.

6. Jersey City

My sister doesn't live too far from Jersey City, and she loves it. You can spend the day visiting museums, and parks, and soaking up great views of New York City.

Jersey City is also a historical area in Jersey. You can visit Barrow Mansion and the giant Colgate Statue when you visit!

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5. Paterson

World Atlas says the Great Falls at the Passaic River are absolutely jaw-dropping and make Paterson a city worth visiting.

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You can also check out some of the museums and historical attractions there too.

4. Elizabeth

Founded in the mid-1600s, Elizabeth is the hometown of Alexander Hamilton and sits quietly near Newark Bay.

Despite the fact that it's an underrated city in Jersey, World Atlas says it's the 4th most populated city in the state.

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3. Edison

We have to mention the invention capital of New Jersey, don't we?

What makes Edison cool is that it was home to Thomas Edison's Invention Factory, which opened in Menlo Park in 1846.

2. Lakewood

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I was a little surprised to see Lakewood on the list of underrated cities since I would consider Lakewood more of a town than a city.

But it's home to a lot of cool things to do like catching a Blue Claws game, seeing a show at the Strand Theatre, and hiking through a few parks.

1. Woodbridge

And according to World Atlas, Woodbridge is Jersey's most underrated city.

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It has more of a suburban feel than a city feel but is home to a quaint small downtown, tons of farmers markets, and little boutiques.

When I think of underrated places in Jersey my mind always goes to Ocean Gate; all the fun of the Jersey Shore without the crowds, but that's just me.

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