Living in Jersey, the only true constant is change.

People are constantly coming and going, tourists are in and out of our state all the time in the summer and it seems like our local businesses change a lot too.

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For example, the old Gelco Store off Hooper in Toms River closed last year, and now a new discount furniture store is taking over.

More on that here. 

There's also Dentato's Clam Bar on the Seaside Heights Boardwalk, it closed its original location at the end of last summer and plans on opening its bigger location on the boardwalk for the summer of 2024.

More on Dentato's right here. 

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Even the famous Italian Market Joe Leone's has seen some change this year after closing its Gastronomia in Seagirt, but now we know what's replacing it and it seems pretty cool.

The Blonde Shallot Is Opening A New Location In Sea Girt, NJ

Opening just a short walk from the beach, The Blonde Shallot announced it's opening a new location at the former home of Joe Leone's Gastronomia.

What I like about this place is that it's healthy fast food.

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And I mean that literally.

You can grab fresh salads, sandwiches, and things like chicken meatballs, pretzel-baked chicken tenders, tons of different grab-and-go wraps, and more unique options like Mexican Lasagna.

Jersey has a lot of fast food options, but healthy and fast options are at a premium so it's nice to see a place like the Blonde Shallot growing in the Garden State.

APP reports that owner Jessica Roberts is eyeing an opening date of mid-April for the store located at 527 Washington Boulevard in Sea Girt, NJ.

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Outside of change, another thing that's a constant in Jersey is taxes.

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