There's nothing better than a rooftop bar.

Whether you're at the shore, or not it doesn't matter. Food and drinks taste so much better when you look out over the horizon.

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My wife and I are avid rooftop drinkers, meaning, given the option of a bar top or rooftop top we'll go rooftop every time.

Asbury Park is home to a really upscale rooftop bar at the Asbury Hotel that's worth a visit if you're in the area, the views are as good as the drinks.

And you really can't talk about rooftop bars without mentioning the Beachcomber in Seaside Heights.

Its legendary ocean views are almost as refreshing as the ice-cold beer you have while you relax and enjoy the sun.

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For the most part, Beachcomber is the only place in Seaside Heights with a rooftop bar, but that could all change in the near future.

Spicy Cantina In Seaside Heights, NJ Wants To Add A Rooftop Bar

Now, you might be thinking "Hey, Spicy already has a rooftop" and you wouldn't be wrong but what the popular restaurant wants to do is expand that.

Instead of the wrap-around style overhang, the idea is that Spicy will have a rooftop bar that expands over the three businesses on 500 boardwalk.

Spicy Rooftop Bar Seaside Heights NJ, rooftop bar opening at spicy cantina
Photo Credit: Google Maps

It would be massive, it would go from the rooftop of Spicy, over the Coin Castle, and over the Midway Tequila Bar.

There are still a lot of hurdles that the bar and restaurant will have to jump through, according to Shore Beat.

Spicy will have to get board approval and get a 'D' variance which allows them to expand on the existing but non-conforming use of their property and a whole bunch of other permits, and zoning requirements.

The first step comes on March 25th when Spicy can present its application to the board.

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I really hope we get to see this come to fruition because I can already feel the ocean breeze on my face with a cold Corona in my hand!

Jersey is home to more than just great beach bars though.

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