How many times have you been pulled over in Jersey for speeding, or some other time of infraction?

I've been pulled over twice since my wife and I moved here.

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Once for my rear license plate not being properly mounted, despite the fact it was clearly displayed in my rearview window and another time I got a warning for going too fast on Hooper.

No one likes getting pulled over, but it happens.

Did you know you can help yourself prevent getting pulled over for speeding in the Garden State?

The Difference Between Radar Detectors And Radar Jammers

After nearly two decades of driving, this is the first time I've heard of either of these things but apparently, there are tools you can put in your car to try and prevent you from getting a speeding ticket.

Radar detectors are small little boxes you can mount in your car that will make a noise as you approach an officer scanning cars with a radar gun so you can safely slow down in time.

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Radar Jammers do just that, they send out a signal when a radar gun is within range and will either cause the radar gun to read an error, or block the radar gun from picking up your speed in general.

Are Radar Jammers And Radar Detectors Legal In New Jersey?

According to 24/7 Tempo, yes.

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In Jersey, you can use both jammers and detectors in your vehicle to prevent police from detecting your actual speed.

How Much Does A Radar Jammer Or Detector Cost?

They aren't really cheap, but then again if you get pulled over often for speeding it's probably cheaper than all your speeding tickets.

Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash
Photo by Jonathan Cooper on Unsplash

On Amazon, a radar jammer can run you anywhere from $150 to $600 depending on the brand you get.

Radar detectors fall within a similar price range on Amazon as well.

At the end of the day though, you should probably just follow the speed limit for your safety, and surrounding drivers' safety.

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