This is a great time of year at the Jersey Shore.

Spring is officially here, the days are getting longer, and before we know it we'll be enjoying long days in the sun and sand.

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This weekend, Casino Pier plans on opening for its first weekend of 2024, you can read more on that here. 

That, in my mind, is the real kick-off at the Jersey Shore when we can once again hear the roar of the Hydrus, and the screams of happiness echoing off Casino Pier.

Casino Pier Reveals Two New Rides For 2024.

Casino Pier has been making some serious upgrades during the off-season.

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They tore down the long-standing Minute-Man slide at Breakwater Beach and are planning to build something new and exciting.

new slide at breakwater beach, water slides new jersey, new water slide seaside heights
Photo Credit: Casino Pier / Breakwater Beach

You can read more about Breakwater Beach's newest addition for 2024 right here.

So what new rides are coming to Casino Pier for the summer of 2024?

They recently unveiled two new kiddie rides, and I can't wait to take my niece to ride them I think she'll get a kick out of them.

Helicopters and Airplanes are making an appearance this summer at Casino Pier, and this ride is adorable.

It's your classic up and down and round and round kids ride shaped like an airplane or a helicopter.

Honestly, 4-year-old me is super jealous, I'd be all over this as a kid!

Oh, and just in case you plan on visiting Jersey this summer, here are some things you can't bring into the state.

5 Things You Are Banned From Bringing Into New Jersey

Gallery Credit: Eddie Davis

Even More NJ DOT humorous safety messages for St. Patrick's Day

The NJ DOT continued to use a series of humorous seasonal safety messages on its' over 200 electronic signs around New Jersey.

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