There's nothing better than a fresh sub to enjoy while hanging out at the Jersey Shore.

Growing up, when we'd spend a day a the shore we'd always pick up a couple of sandwiches headed to Sea Isle City and they always tasted better when there was some sand in them!

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Now that my wife and I live in Seaside Heights, we've always got our eyes open for anything new and exciting coming to the area, and the other day driving into the radio station I saw just that.

Now, I really don't have too much information on this place outside of the fact that it's the last stop for a sub before you hit the Mathis Bridge to get into Seaside.

Aptly named the Last Stop Deli, all I know is that it's coming soon to 37 in Toms River.

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Photo Credit: Buehler

Located right off of 37 East, all we know is that there's a sign up where the Sweet Leafs used to be right under  Universal Janitorial Supply.

I'd like to think it's the kind of place where you'll be able to stock up on lunch meat, subs, beverages, and snacks before you head over the bridge and the prices for that stuff surge.

Personally, I'm always excited to see a new deli getting ready to open up and I think the Last Stop Deli is in a prime location to do some serious business if they open in time for the summer.

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Photo Credit: Google Maps

If you have any info on this place please feel free to reach out at to or call into the 105.7 The Hawk afternoon show!

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