So has going to the grocery store each week to stock up become more and more of an expensive chore?

Every week it seems like prices on everyday items and necessities are skyrocketing.

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Fortunately, one popular grocery store in Jersey sees this and is trying to combat inflation by lowering prices on hundreds of items to save you and your family money.

Food Store Prices Have Rocketd In The Past Year

Compared to last year, grocery prices are still 1.2 percent higher than they were a year ago according to News Nation.

And although prices have begun to level out, people are still feeling the burn at check out, and that's where Aldi is trying to help.

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Aldi Announced It's Lowering Prices On Items To Help Save Families Money

Aldi's is already known for their low prices, and USA Today reports that the discount chain is getting to slash prices even more headed into the summer months.

From necessities to BBQ items to fruit, and grab-and-go snacks it's reported that Aldi plans to save shoppers 100 Million dollars with these discounts.

What Items Will Be Discounted This Summer At Aldi?

Photo Credit: Google Maps / Canva
Photo Credit: Google Maps / Canva

It's a pretty long list, but USA Today says that some of the items include meat, fruit, and some desserts.

For example;

Sirloin Steak was $8.49 but will be slashed to $6.99.

French baguettes will be dropped to a dollar forty-nine, and macarons where $4.59 and will be dropped to $4.19.

They may not be major discounts, a few cents here and a buck or two there but they will start to add up this summer when you're trying to make your money go further.

And if there's not an Aldi near you, these are some of our favorite grocery stores in the Garden State.

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