Hold up. Are you saying I might get chicken feed this year for Halloween? Did I miss something?

Actually, no, you didn't. Receiving chicken feed while trick-or-treating is actually quite common, especially here in New Jersey.

But what part of New Jersey does this? Is it in an area that's full of animal farms where kids want to bring home some tasty treats to the barn?

Just imagine someone giving you a big scoopful of actual chicken feed for your Halloween bucket. Unless you have a chicken as a pet, it probably wouldn't get much use at home.

Absolutely delicious for the chickens, but not so much for children or adults. Doesn't seem to make much sense.

Zachariah Smith via Unsplash
Zachariah Smith via Unsplash

Now before we go any further, no, it's not actual chicken feed used by farmers. It actually refers to a very popular Halloween candy that no longer uses this name.

The reason this popular Halloween candy was once called chicken feed is because of what it resembles. At a quick glance, it looks like, well, chicken feed.

In fact, even the packaging of this candy once used a rooster on the box. Yes, the maker of this popular candy went all-in with the chicken feed branding.

Chicken Feed / Seeds

Any ideas on what this could be? Even though this candy is very popular during Halloween, most people would say it's certainly not a favorite of theirs.

A candy that comes in three colors and is triangle-shaped. That hint most likely just gave it away.

The candy that was originally called chicken feed is none other than candy corn. And yes, you're likely to receive it while trick-or-treating in New Jersey.

I left this "candy" in the store. (Craig Allen photo)
I left this "candy" in the store. (Craig Allen photo)

Just look at that container and you can tell why it was called chicken feed at first. But to be honest, the name candy corn just sounds much more appetizing (Click/tap here to learn more about the history of candy corn).

Although candy corn is very popular during Halloween, not every candy we love makes it to the top of the list. Take Pez, for example.

Most of us can agree that Pez isn't something you expect to get in your Halloween bag (although it does happen from time to time). Nevertheless, it does have a fascinating backstory.

And good news for New Jersey, the Pez factory isn't too far of a ride for us to pay a visit.

The History of PEZ Candy Still Manufactured in Orange Connecticut...

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