Today's the big day!

A solar eclipse will plunge a narrow swath of North America into total darkness for a few minutes this afternoon.

While New Jersey is not in the path of the totality, we will experience a partial eclipse. Depending on where you are in New Jersey, the percentage of totality will vary from around 85% to more than 93%. Those closest to the Delaware River will see the moon covering a bit more of the sun than those closer to the Atlantic shore.

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The 115-mile-wide path of the total eclipse starts on the western coast of Mexico. The moon's shadow then continues northeast for another 4,000 miles through San Antonio and Dallas in Texas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Evansville, Kentucky; Indianapolis; Cleveland; Buffalo and Syracuse in New York; Burlington, Vermont; northern Maine; and New Brunswick and Newfoundland in Canada.

Almost everyone in North America will se at least a partial eclipse.

During the full eclipse, with only the sun’s outer atmosphere or corona visible, birds and animals usually heard during the day will fall silent and nighttime stars will be visible.

The darkness or twilight will last 4 minutes, 28 seconds, almost twice as long as it was during the U.S. eclipse seven years ago because the moon is closer to Earth. It will be another 21 years before the U.S. sees another total solar eclipse on this scale.

Eye protection is needed with proper eclipse glasses and filters to look at the sun, except when it ducks completely out of sight during an eclipse.

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