Flemington, New Jersey is a great town.

At the end of 2022, the town took an economic hit as the Liberty Village outlets closed for the last time.

A walk down Main Street shows you that many of the storefronts have been taken over by professional offices, so fewer restaurants, bars and coffee shops.

We spent a half day in Flemington last week broadcasting our new streaming show/podcast "Common Ground with Bill Spadea." We set up on the corner of Main and Bloomfield, right in front of "The Corner" store,  a great family-owned store offering all kinds of gifts, novelties and local items.

Photo via Bill Spadea
Photo via Bill Spadea

In the immediate area, there are a few great spots to grab a coffee or a meal, Bistro 55 and Matt's Red Rooster Grill among them.

The great business owners are part of the fabric of Flemington and have kept it as a great place to visit and live, despite the setbacks over the past few years.

The best news is yet to come.

Enter one of New Jersey's great business leaders, entrepreneurs and developers: Jack Cust. Jack and his family business have developed some of New Jersey's best business locations and social centers.

Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

Including "The Palace at Somerset Park," our go-to location for our annual "A Seat At The Table Conference," the Somerset Patriots, and of course, Diamond Nation.

The latest project is a complete renovation of the old Union Hotel, which sits right across from the Court House, made famous from the Lindbergh trial.

The project doesn't end with the hotel. Jack Cust is a visionary and a successful NJ business leader, he saw the incredible opportunity to bring a destination center to this great town.

He joined me on the air to discuss the project and its huge benefits to the town, county and state.

His incredibly successful Diamond Nation brings in hundreds of thousands of people to the area through the baseball season and this will create huge economic opportunity for the town. Restaurants and apartments and open courtyard spaces, rooftop gardens, this project has it all.

Jobs created, revenue generated and all from the investment and innovative attitude of someone who is also diggin' in with us.

I want to that Jack and the entire Cust family for their commitment to helping us make New Jersey the best place in the nation to live, work, raise a family, start a business and eventually retire.

Check out the plans here

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