We’re number one! We’re number one!

But not in a good way.

According to a recent study performed by Mattress Next Day, New Jerseyans are some of the worst sleepers in the United States.

They surveyed 1,500 people across all 50 states to see what keeps people up at night and now we can add this study to New Jersey’s list.

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Mattress Next Day highlighted several bedtime worries that are most likely to make you anxious before bedtime:

🔴 Worries about your general to-do list for the following day
🔴 Randomly thinking about something you forgot to do that day
🔴 Worries that you’re going to oversleep/ miss your alarm
🔴 Thinking someone is in your home (for instance if you hear a noise in another part of the house)
🔴 Work worries for the following day

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I would add to New Jersey’s list:

⚫ How Trenton politicians will find a new way to screw us over
⚫ The mere thought of our property taxes
⚫ Being stuck behind a PA driver going the speed limit in the left lane on your way to work
⚫ Toll prices going up

I could go on but I don’t want to stress us out any more than we already are.

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Other insights from the study:

😴 An average American wakes up two times in the night
😴 21% of Americans always feel tired and not rested in the morning
😴 The top three reasons Americans wake up are because they’re thirsty for a drink, the room is too hot, and nightmares.

Damir Khabirov
Damir Khabirov

For those in the Garden State who are struggling with their sleep, here are some tips that were first shared during peak pandemic but are just as relevant today:

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