Every year, the Montclair Film Festival highlights local filmmakers and their creativity. Submissions are now open for you to submit your film to the festival to see if you'll get your "Hollywood" break!

My friend PJ Leonard is a producer/director from Hudson County and he's got another film to submit this year.

His latest film, Mississippi Scholar, premieres this Thursday night in Montclair.

One of the stars, former Miss USA Asya Branch, joined me on the show to talk about the film and the challenges of making it in the industry.

My own film company recently had a premier on Lifetime TV, with our latest production, "Handyman from Hell". This followed two previous successful films that aired on Lifetime TV, "Falling for a Killer" and "Psycho Storm Chaser".

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We recently ventured into the horror genre, with our now award-winning film "Tenants".

Stay tuned for our next project. If you've got a film that you are working on, writing, and submitting to a New Jersey film festival, hit me up on the free NJ101.5 app and let me know, happy to highlight your hard work to our largest-in-the-state audience.

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