🎄 What should you expect to pay for a real Christmas tree in New Jersey this year?

🎄 Tree farms are reporting it was a good growing year

🎄 More farms are adding special events for the whole family

While the cost of a real Christmas tree is expected to rise 8-to-10% nationally this year, prices in New Jersey are expected to be about what they were last year.

The New Jersey Christmas Tree Growers Association says the cost of a live tree spiked about three years ago with an increase of about 15% but have since stabilized.

New Jersey farmers grow over 5,000 acres of Christmas trees, with many farms offering you the opportunity to pick and cut your own tree.

Dad and sons with saw
Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com

"Things have been tough on farmers," says association President Chris Nicholson, "But growing Christmas trees is a true labor of love."

Nicholson grows his own trees at Hidden Pond Tree Farm in Mendham.

Despite seeing hard costs like fuel and supplies double in the last year, Nicholson says New Jersey's farmers understand the joy their trees can bring.

"No one will lack a Christmas tree because of inflation," Nicholson says.

New Jersey should have an ample supply of trees this year.

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Prices will vary depending on the size of your tree and the species you choose, but the average should be around $85.

Chris Nicholson prunes trees on his farm in Mendham, NJ Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com
Chris Nicholson prunes trees on his farm in Mendham, NJ
Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com

Farms are offering a true Christmas experience

One of the ways many New Jersey farmers have offset their costs is by offering a much richer holiday experience.

For example, Hidden Pond Tree Farm offers train rides, hot cocoa and marshmallow roasting over an open fire, music and other elements to bring Christmas Cheer.

"All of New Jersey's tree farms strive to offer a true family experience," Nicholson says.

On the Christmas Tree Growers Association website and on the local farms' social media pages, they are updating all the fun things they have to do so you can plan a full day out with the family.

Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com
Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com

Nicholson says while you may be able to find a cheaper tree at a big box store, "Those family photos in front of Home Depot don't really work."

Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com
Photo: hiddenpondtreefarm.com

Plus, he says, when you visit a local tree farm, "You are helping a New Jersey family. You are supporting an American farmer."

To find a local Christmas Tree farm near you, click on this link.

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