Did a bunch of mosquitoes come to your weekend BBQ, too?  16 of the pesky insects had ME for their dinner while I was trying to enjoy my burger.  We shouldn't be surprised.  It is, after all, mosquito season so we can get bitten even being outside for just a short time.   According to the Centers for Disease Control, peak mosquito biting time is from dusk to dawn so if we will be outdoors then we should spray repellent on our bodies.  The chemical DEET is known to be most effective, but there are other ways to keep the uninvited guests from biting:  Citronella candles, and Peppermint and Eucalyptus oils.  There's even "insect shield repellent apparel;" clothing infused with the chemical insecticide Permethrin!  Do you feel you're a magnet for mosquitoes?  What do you do to relieve the itching and swelling?