Oh man, I remember the days of going into my little neighborhood 5 cent store in my hometown and getting one of the greatest Ice Cream Sodas for the first time!


allaboutgeorge, flickr

Do you remember your first Ice Cream Soda.  I don't think they're quite as popular as they were when we were growing up.  What a great Summertime treat!  There are so many ways to make them!  The ultimate to many would be the root beer float.  Vanilla ice cream with rootbeer a little whipped cream and that cherry on top!  My favorite would be Coca Cola with vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed with 3 cherries!  My aunt always made them with the diet sodas ...and that works, but why not go all the way with an ice cream soda!  It's not a time to try to cut calories.

How do you like your Ice Cream Soda?  What kind of ice cream?  What kind of soday?  Do you like whipped cream on it?  Any memories of that first Ice Cream Soda?