SantaCon, the notoriously rowdy, drunken bar crawl in Hoboken, appears to be coming back after a year off due to the pandemic.

The event, famously skewered by John Oliver is known for its number of arrests for everything from public urination to, of course, public drunkenness.

SantaCon bar crawls are held in over 100 cities nationwide, but Hoboken’s is a standout, according to the event’s website. It describes the bacchanalia as:

Santacon isn’t your ordinary Bar Crawl Event. What makes Hoboken Santa con so special is everyone is happy-go-lucky celebrating this joyful Holiday we call Christmas! Everyone will be roaming the streets bar hopping in Santa hats and outfits that just calls for the perfect picture with a group of your friends! Hoboken is a warm welcoming for our Santacon events and we are proud to be throwing it year after year! This is an amazing SantaCon experience you do not want to miss! So who is ready for Hoboken Santa-con 2021?

It doesn’t always go smoothly, however; in 2018 for instance, four police officers were injured and 14 people were arrested, two of them before noon.

Group of men dressed as Santa Claus toasting champagne

In 2019, the last time it was held, there were 8 arrests, 49 summonses, and 521 calls for service, according to There were also 20 people hospitalized for alcohol related reasons.

This year’s SantaCon, which is not a city sponsored event, is scheduled for Dec. 18. Not all bars in Hoboken participate, however, with some posting “No Santas” signs to discourage the revelers.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Bill Doyle. Any opinions expressed are Bill Doyle's own.

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