It is an ongoing debate, in fact we heard it brought up at the recent NJ Gubernatorial debate, is the State's minimum wage increase enough for Jersey residents?

Lets break it down for you.....

January 1, 2018 the minimum wage in New Jersey increases from $8.44 to $8.60 an hour, a 16 cent increase. So for a 40 hour week workers will see an extra $6.40 in their pocket, which adds up to $332.00 annually.

Remains far below what it takes for a worker to afford the most basic of needs on a daily basis in high-cost New Jersey ~ Brandon McKoy of New Jersey Policy Perspective

Governor Christie vetoed other attempts to raise the minimum wage to $15.00 saying it "fails to consider the capacity of businesses, especially small businesses, to absorb the substantially increased labor costs".

Other State's minimum wage:

  • New York $10.00 (Nassau,Suffolk,Westchester)
  • Pennsylvania $7.25
  • Connecticut $10.10
  • Delaware $8.25

So do you think the increase is fair or just pennies in your pocket? 


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