It seems to me that a lot of people still have their Christmas decorations on display, at least those on the outside of their home and I am wondering why.  As a kid I seem to remember we took everything down right around New Year’s Day and I think many people use that as the unofficial end of the holiday season.  Christian tradition marks Twelfth Night as the end of the Christmas festivities, it comes 12 days after December 25 and is also used to mark the beginning of the Epiphany on January 6.  I’ve even read where leaving your decorations up after that day is said to bring bad luck.

There is a major factor which could delay the taking down of your outdoor decorations and that is weather.  We’ve had a couple of snowfalls and plenty of cold days which may have delayed many from going outside and taking care of this annual chore.  Let’s be honest you feel a bit better decorating before the holiday then you do in taking your decorations down…at least I think most would agree with that.  Nobody is playing Christmas music while standing on a ladder and removing everything from the outside of your home.

It just seems to me that in the past couple of years many keep their house decorated longer and I’m guessing it has something to do with the COVID pandemic and I’m not talking about because they are sick.  I think it might just make them feel better to see the decorations and keep the Christmas spirit alive for as long as possible.

If that’s the case then keep them up for as long as you want although by Valentine’s Day it might be time to move on.

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