This year has been horrible for all of us with Covid-19.

Covid-19 test
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

Last week I wasn't on the radio. I had a sniffle on Sunday morning with a slight sore throat and no fever. But, as you know with Covid-19 we just don't know if we have it and I would feel terrible if I gave it to someone. Sunday I texted Shawn and our boss, "Here's the situation." Let me know what you think I should do? Do I come in? I knew I didn't feel bad, but I had some symptoms. They both said it's better to stay home. Get a Covid test just to make sure you are OK.

I've had a Covid-19 test in the Summer and I thought this time might be as simple to make an appointment. Boy, I was wrong. It took me three days to get a Covid test because of everyone getting tested. It was crazy. I know the Ocean County Health Department opened up the OCC testing in the parking lot, once again. I thought I'll try to make an appointment time there. NOPE, they're booked like two weeks out. They just opened up several more days at OCC for Covid-19 testing, click here to learn more.

I personally like the drive-thru at the pharmacy. There are several pharmacies that give the Covid test. OK, I thought, I'll make an appointment for one of those. NOPE they were booked 3 days out. It's just crazy right now if you're trying to get a test. I finally got a test at CVS pharmacy drive-thru. Then the wait. It's so crazy, "Do I have Covid"? It's incredibly scary. A thousand things were going through my head. It's the fear of the unknown. My test came back negative, thank God. If you need a test, give it a couple of days to make an appointment. Then, it takes about two or three days for results. We are not born with patience. We want results right away. I need to learn patience. And, I know if you have a stuffy nose and not feeling well, it's impossible to stay home. But, please think of the other people around you. Stay home if you don't feel well.

Please stay healthy, have patience, and have a wonderful holiday season.

Sue Moll
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