Is Chris Christie the worst Governor in America? Well that may be a matter political analysts will have to research, but as far as the most "unpopular" .... this it appears Christie has locked down. Our Governor has just hit a new low in public opinion polls. Christie has the worst approval rating in 20 years, not only in New Jersey ....but in America!

In an article released this week by TIME, Christie has the worst approval rating "for any governor in any state surveyed" by Quinnipiac University in 20 years.....according to pollsters. In the Quinnipiac survey, only 15% of Garden State voters approve of Christie! Hard to believe at one time Christie was an early favorite to win the GOP nomination for President and was so popular when he first burst onto the scene here in Jersey as the "no holds barred" Governor.

Christie's latest "disapproval" rating is 81% with 58% of Republicans (majority) even showing frustration.

What is the reason for Christie's staggeringly high "disapproval" ratings?

Do you give Chris Christie as thumbs up or thumbs down?



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