I went bowling last night and had a blast.  Friends and I go about once a year and always enjoy ourselves.  Even though we're not very good at the game, we like cheering and high fiving each other and just breaking away from our usual routine.

As we were leaving the bowling alley, I noticed a big group of 20-somethings coming in.  They were getting ready to do their own cheering and high fiving.

I was really happy to see them because I had been worrying that bowling had fallen out of favor.  It was a game that was so popular back in the day.  Remember the Ralph Kramden on "The Honeymooners" TV show?  Remember Mr. and Mrs. Cunningham coming home from bowling on "Happy Days"?   I recall many friends and relatives who used to be on bowling teams.  They would compete every week.  But then I noticed bowling places seemed emptier and the younger people in my life really had no interest in going to the lanes.

So last night's sighting of Millennials enjoying bowling warmed my heart!  It's a great way to unwind and have fun over a little friendly competition.   Plus there's food and drink so you can make a full night of it if you want.  I'm hopeful that we'll soon have a new generation of bowling fans and team members and that its popularity will continue to grow.

Where in Ocean County do you like to go bowling?  Did you have any proud moments at the bowling alley?  Perfect games?  High scores?

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