We're nearly two weeks into Governor Phil Murphy's request for residents to stay home and outside of some cases of people violating the 'Do Not Gather' directive most of Ocean County is doing very well to adhere to the guidelines and be in compliance.

Ocean County Public Health Coordinator Dan Regenye explains to WOBM News that if we can get through the next couple weeks of incubation we'll start to see how social distancing has impacted the overall case count.

"Social distancing is the best tool that we have right now to get ahead of this," Regenye said. "I think if we wrap up the next 14-days or so we'll be a good incubation and a half into this meaning the incubation for the Covid-19 is about 14-days. If we can get to 21-28 days out adhering to the social distancing and everything, I think then we'll see a true impact on what we're experiencing right now in terms of numbers."

We're still a few weeks away from an estimated peak of the pandemic.

"I think you're looking well into April. There's still a lot of activity with this," Regenye said.

If you're looking for some good news as we wait for the storm to subside, there's a possibility that in Ocean County at least, that more are people being tested than the disease is spreading across the community.

As numbers do rise though in Ocean County Regenye said a lot of the cases being tested now are people who may have been infected or exposed two weeks ago.

"The increase in the numbers does not necessarily equate to an increase in spread," Regenye said. "It's going to be a long road though and we just have to adhere with this and hunker down for a little bit."

Regenye said that social distancing is the best tool that we have to prevent further spread of the virus.

It's no fun to say the least to be hunkered down at home with no place to go as we wait for the Covid-19 storm to pass us on by, but staying home and especially adhering to social distancing is a key in preventing further spread of the virus.

While you are at home waiting for the rainbow after the storm, Regenye said right now is a great time to keep in shape.

"I know that it's difficult to do right now but keeping yourself healthy and active certainly will go a long way to help prevent if you were exposed to hopefully keep you at the lower end of mild to moderate illness as oppose to something that's more severe," Regenye said.

Things at the new drive-thru testing site at Ocean County College have been moving efficiently so far but they have had to turn some people away who didn't have an appointment or a prescription.

There's still test appointments open, so people with symptoms should consult their physician or use a telemedicine portal.

"If a person cannot get into their physician for a script, there are telemedicine opportunities and if you need assistance with that you can contact the Ocean County Health Department at 732-341-9700 extension 7411," Regenye said.

Fever, dry cough and fatigue are the most common symptoms but consult your physician first to determine what type of sickness you have before anything else

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