I'm in love...with October.  I like every season at the Shore, but there is something special about Fall.  Pumpkins and apples.  The leaves.  Ghosts, goblins and giant bags of smaller candy bars.  Just the right size.  October Rocks. 

I took my annual road trip on Saturday, to find the perfect pumpkin for my porch.  I got on 195, headed north/west from Princeton along the river to my final destination...Lambertville, NJ.  Getting there was half the fun.  I passed rolling hills, corn mazes, apple orchards and even a winery (yay!)...a detour took me thru a town called "Blawenberg".  Blawenberg?  How have I lived this long and never heard of Blawenberg?  I think they made that up just for Halloween.  Once I arrived in Lambertville, finding the perfect pumpkin was easy.  They were all perfect. I loaded her into my car....yes, my pumpkin is a girl, and headed over the bridge to New Hope, PA.  I parked at the train station.  Now this is no ordinary train station.  The New Hope Express is an old steam train.  When the whistle blows, it almost knocks you over.  I chatted briefly with the conductor who asked where I was from.  When I proudly told him I lived on the Jersey Shore, he told me get a map, look for Williamsport PA, and I will see "Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania".  They have one too.  Who knew.  Copy cats.  I got ice cream, and did some shopping.  New Hope has some cool and unusual things.  I saw unique handmade jewelry, vintage clothing, even vintage candy!   Flying saucers and turkish taffy, yum!  I even found a store that sells those furry Ugg boots.  So thats where Snooki buys them.
It was the perfect October afternoon.  I don't remember much of the way back, I was exhausted. Got home in time to fall asleep at 6pm.  My gas tank was almost on "E" but I had my perfect  nine dollar pumpkin.  She loves her new home.