My current vehicle is the first in my life that has has an automatic transmission. I've always driven stick before this.

While I miss driving manual, there's one huge thing that I appreciate that I never had before - remote start.

When the temperatures start to drop this time of year, it's great to be able to get into a toasty car rather than having to shiver (especially if you have leather seats!) while waiting for the heat to kick in.

But, there's one problem with that here in the Garden State - it can get you an expensive ticket.

The rules for warming up your car, even in your own driveway, are pretty narrow:

You can idle your car for up to 3 minutes.

If the temperatures drop below 25 degrees, you can idle your car for up to 15 minutes, but only if has been stopped for 3 hours or more.

But also, "no idling is allowed in a parking space with available and functioning electrification technology".

Honestly, I have no idea what that means, but that's straight from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

So, basically, in most cases you can warm your car up, but only for 3 minutes.

I know that my remote start had a 10 minute limit, it shuts itself off if I don't put the key in it within that time frame. But according to the law here in New Jersey, I shouldn't even be getting close to that 10 minute shut-off limit.

And just in case you didn't think that they're serious about it, it could cost you up to $250.

I've heard of people being cited for it too, so you can take your chances if you want but you never know when you may end up with a ticket on your windshield when you go out to your warm car.

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