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I have been living in Bayville my entire life and we have all sorts of wildlife in this small town. Of course, we have the marshlands near Berkeley Shores that connects with Ocean Gate, so at any given time you can see some beautiful animals.

Earlier in the week, I was made aware of an incident that happened in Bayville that involved a mother swan and some of her babies being killed by a vehicle that didn’t stop (or didn’t want to stop). Whether it was an accident, or intentional - this is absolutely terrible. The community is now offering a $600 reward leading to information related to the swan deaths.

It gets even grosser. I don’t know about you, but everything that I write on the internet, I do it with the intention as if I were going to say it to your face. Some people, do not think this. The pictures of the dead swans were posted to a Facebook group and while there were more people angry and upset about the ordeal, there were some who thought it was a great time to practice their comedy skills.

What the hell? Really, are we that immature as a society that we have to stoop to comedy, just to get a rise of someone? An innocent family died because of an ignorant driver who thought that since they’re a human, they own everything around them.

This really gets to me because I am a total animal lover, and this kind of behavior should not be tolerated under the law.

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