Plenty of us over the years have reached into our mailboxes to find those three awful words:

Notice Of Violation.

Well, if you've paid a fine for an E-ZPass violation in the last 8 years, you could be in for a refund.

A federal lawsuit has been filed, literally calling the constitutionality of the $50 fines into question.

The whole situation is a lot to digest, and you can read more about the whole thing by clicking here, but here are the main points that you should know:

  • In 2011, the Turnpike Authority jacked the fine for an E-ZPass violation to $50
  • The lawsuit is claiming that the tickets violate the 8th Amendment of the Constitution, which protects Americans from "excessive fines".
  • If the lawsuit succeeds, millions of dollars in E-ZPass fines could be refunded to people who have paid them since 2011.

Basically, for people like you and me the important things to know are the facts that the fines could be illegal and those of us who have paid them could be getting our money back, even if the fines were years ago.

Stay tuned for more, the lawsuit is just getting started and we know that these things can take years. But if it means money goes back into our wallets, that could be something worth waiting for.



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