While brunching with my Australian friend, the topic of politics came up.  She said in her homeland, election season is run much differently than here in the U.S.

For one thing, the campaign season is short.  Candidates have only 6 weeks to communicate their message and rally their supporters.  For another thing, political advertising is not as nasty as it is here.  Ads are paid for by taxpayer money.  Party fundraising is not allowed.  Australian voters don't have to worry about unfair influence.
And then she said that ALL Australians go to the polls on Election Day.  Voting is always done on a Saturday when most people are off from work.   And there is a government mandate that citizens MUST VOTE.  They get fined if they don't!
What do you think about a shorter, less-negative campaign season?  Do you think New Jersey elections should be mandated?

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