I recently upgraded my cable service at home and it's really mind-boggling how much there is to watch on TV at home.  Movies that are nominated for Academy Awards can be seen from the comforts of home, at any time that's convenient.  We've come a long way, haven't we?

But as much as I like the on-demand nature of TV today, I enjoy actually GOING to the movie theatre.  I like the feeling of having a night out and watching on a huge screen.  I enjoy hearing others laugh when I laugh.  It's like we're all sharing a communal experience.  With so many of us disconnecting from each other with our own personal devices, it's nice to be in a room with people who are into the same comedy, drama, or whatever.

Plus the popcorn is way better than anything that comes from the microwave!

Another reason I prefer to go somewhere to watch:  I tend to fall asleep on my couch at home!  Even if it's a compelling movie, I sometimes just get sooooo comfortable and nod off.

With Oscar night coming up, I'm wondering how you generally prefer to see films.  At home?  In a theatre?  By yourself?  With a date?  With a group of people?

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