Even though the forecast is calling for some serious winds, I am feeling okay going into the weekend.  That's because I finally learned how to use the generator I bought.  If this weekend's or any storm knocks out power, I'll be able to set up and operate the generator.  Truth is, I have had it for years but never really knew what to do with it!  I've naively hoped that by buying it, that would be insurance that I'd never lose power.  You know...similar to how it never rains when you carry an umbrella.  Dumb, I know.

Well I decided I want to get to know the equipment, and how it's meant to work with that transfer switch I had the electrician install.  So after consulting the manual, and with coaching from a friend, I did a full-on practice drill.  As we all know from Sandy and other bad storms, losing electricity is really rough.  I know generators can help keep the heat and fridge on so it's an investment I'm glad I made.  And now I'm super glad I know how to use it.

Prior to this week's set-up, I had serious anxiety.  Would I know what connects to where?  In what order should I flip switches on the generator and on the transfer switch?  Do I need to do anything to the electric panel itself?  Would I be strong enough to move it and operate it?  Would I accidentally blow up the house?  (I told you I had some really anxious thoughts in my head.)

You should have seen my face when I pulled the starter and heard the generator rev up.  And then I did a happy dance when I flipped a switch inside the house and saw the lights were running on generator power.  Yay!

Ladies, if you generally rely on your guy to do this kind of stuff, maybe you want to ask him to show you how to set it up. Or just search for the manual online and/or watch some YouTube videos so you can try it yourself.

I feel really proud of myself, and more confident now as we go into storm season.  Good luck if you try yours out.  I hope it's as positive and empowering an experience as it was for me.

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