When there's an emergency, first responders like police, firefighters, and EMS put their health and safety on the line to protect ours.

Every now and then, it's those first responders who have been injured in the line of duty who need our help in return, like Point Pleasant's Mitch Remig.

According to a GoFundMe campaign set up by Mitch's family, Lieutenant Remig was training fellow firefighters when a freak accident happened that landed him in the hospital after coming in contact with an electrical current.

That was 7 months ago.

Today, Mitch and his family are still searching for answers as the medical costs continue to pile up.

The campaign description goes on to talk about Mitch's love of and dedication to firefighting, he's been a volunteer firefighter since his teens, for 15 years.

It ends with a simple appeal:

Mitch has been helping others for nearly 15 years, we ask that you donate to our campaign to return the favor!

You can read much more about Mitch and get details on the campaign by clicking here  to go to the campaign page.

Our best wishes go out to Mitch for a speedy recovery, and our thanks for all that you and all of our Ocean County first responders do on a daily basis!


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