I've got two words that will undoubtedly catch your attention: dogs and rum?

Okay, ready to find out where?

It is at a local Jersey Shore brewery which can be a different, unique experience if you aren't the biggest beer drinker!

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It's called Dachshund Distilling and they are located at 1103A Sixth Avenue in Neptune.

Here's how it works:

First...let's discuss the rum...

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They offer three main selections: silver rum, spiced rum and coffee rum. They will also have other new spirits available for sale throughout the year but for a limited time only.

You can also experiment with their various rums by trying out various cocktails. It sounds like these guys have a limited cocktail menu to start but they love to experiment.

Second....and now for the doggy talk....

So I called them just to make sure I had all the facts about their pet policy.

If we had our way and the weather is gorgeous year round, then pet owners should utilize the outdoor seating area where dogs are more than welcome. Apparently you should expect to see all sorts of pups in this area when visiting this distillery.

However, on days when the weather isn't so nice and outdoor seating is not an option, you can bring your dogs inside.

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The only catch is that you will have to keep that much closer of an eye on your dog while indoors. If there is a problem....well you and the pup will be put in time out with NO RUM!

Here are the hours:

Sunday/Monday - 1PM - 7PM

Wednesday/Thursday - 1PM - 7PM

Friday - Saturday - 1PM - 9PM

Sunday - 1PM - 7PM

**Sorry, no rum on Tuesdays because they are closed.

Visit their website for all of the information.

But seriously....dogs and rum. What else could you ask for?

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