It's the first day of Lent and my friend is using this time to try to give up smoking for good.  I really hope he's able to kick the habit!  I've had smokers in my family and know that quitting is not easy.  But we all know the health benefits that come from quitting so I'm really routing for him and all of YOU who might be trying to give up tobacco.

So here's a question for those of you who have successfully quit smoking:  What motivated you to stop?  Did you go cold turkey, join a program, or take medicine to help?  And what's the best way people can support someone whose trying to quit?  For example, when the quitter is in a grumpy mood, is it best to give him/her a pep talk?  Is it good to say reassuring things like, "I know it's hard now but it will get easier in time."  Or is it best to stay out of the person's way when they're cranky?

To those of you who have watched friends or family members stop smoking, what do you think helps them succeed?  Any advice to help those trying to quit, and those who love them?

Please share your suggestions in the Comments section.  And good luck to all of you!  You can do it!!!!

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