Bullying is a problem that happens in every town throughout our area as well as the nation, which is a horrible situation that needs attention and our help to stop.

Wiki-How has put together a whole article on how to deal with a bully. We thought we'd share some of these ideas with listeners in hopes of helping someone who is a victim of "bullying"

Ways to deal with a bully ....

  • Stay Calm - It's a bully's intent to get you upset and to get an emotional response, so stay calm and don't let this person feel like they are affecting you negatively.
  • Walk Away - If you feel that your in a dangerous or threatening situation it's best to leave, just walk away and avoid confrontation.
  • Look A Bully in the Eye - Some feel the best way to deal with a bully is to be direct and assertive ... if walking away is not an option.
  • Tell someone your being bullied - It is important to stop bullying right away, so if you are a victim it's important to report the issue.

Other ways you can help when bullying is taking place  ....

  • Separate the bully and the victim
  • Take Immediate Action
  • Take It Seriously

As with any situation if you think there's a risk of violence call Police and let authorities take care of the incident.

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