Much of central Vermont experienced torrential rain and epic flooding not seen since Hurricane Irene devastated much of the state in 2011.

Skycam 927, the WOBM drone, just happened to be on hand to take in the immediate aftermath. 

The storms dumped at least 3" and even up to 6" of rain in some areas in only the span of about 48 hours, causing extensive damage.

The reason that this is notable for us is the fact that I was in the Rutland, VT area over the weekend during the torrential rains.

I just happened to have the brand new, upgraded Skycam 927 with me, and when the rain stopped early Saturday evening, I launched in downtown Brandon, VT, where the normally calm Neshobe River, with its picturesque waterfalls through the middle of town, turned into a raging torrent.

Here's what I came up with, thanks to a quick, on-board edit by the drone's software:

I posted the video to my Facebook page and, thanks to a suggestion from my brother-in-law, dropped a quick note to the local news.

That's when things got interesting.

The local TV meteorologist picked up the video and shared it with his hundreds of followers, where the video quickly went viral locally.

Over 100 shares and nearly 8,000 video views later, the video from Skycam 927 officially had gone viral in Vermont.

I actually wanted to elaborate on the original video, so I took the full footage and put together a longer edit so viewers could really get an idea of just how incredible the power of the storm had been.

Here's the long version with even more footage:

It just goes to show, you truly never know when a simple post to social media will become a viral sensation, and now thousands of people in Vermont's Champlain Valley know about 92.7 WOBM's drone!




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