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So the snow totals seem to be going down for us here at the Jersey Shore. The Monday-Tuesday storm looks to bring 1-3 inches for most of Ocean County, with parts of western Ocean and Monmouth County receiving possibly more snow. Of course these totals could change as we often see here at the Shore.

My question for today is how do YOU feel about YOUR snow removal in your town? Look we have all been the victim of shoveling our driveway to only have a plow come by later and plow us back in. This is frustrating yes, but obviously the plows need to get snow off the road, unfortunately it ends up on the side where our driveways are. So I feel your pain and know what it’s like to re-shovel that same driveway multiple times.

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As far as the roads I honestly feel our snow removal is pretty good here in my town. There have only been a few occasions in the past 50 years I can remember being totally “snow bound” for a long length of time and those storms were huge, not the norm for us here in Ocean County especially. For the most part our crews get roads treated and get to plowing as soon as conditions are best for snow removal. My main travel map for the last 30 years doing morning radio has centered on three main roads. Route 9, Route 539 and the Garden State Parkway. Usually these three roads are first cleared and are usually a good ride. Hardest part of my commute is local roads. Getting from my driveway to Route 9....if I can do that I can travel.

In conclusion: as we get ready for snow I am curious to see how listeners feel about snow removal in YOUR town. I’ll give my town Tuckerton/Little Egg Harbor a “B” and for the record being on the Atlantic Ocean we see less instead of more when it comes to old man winter ❄️ If YOU want more snow be sure to CLICK HERE  and enter to win our family trip to Smuggler’s Notch Resort in Vermont.....they have your snow lol and it’s a really cool trip ⛄️


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