Is there a show you ignored for years and then discovered you like?  In my case, several months ago, my remote control landed on an episode of "Parenthood," a scene that was so engaging and well-acted, that I decided to stop surfing and just enjoy the ride for the remaining 40 minutes.  Am I glad I did!  It's my new favorite show full of love, conflict, resolution, realistic dialogue, and big Braverman family dinners.  The acting is top-notch with a cast that includes "Coach" Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Peter Krause, and Lauren Graham.  As we peak into the lives of three generations, we feel almost every emotion imaginable so tissues are sometimes necessary!

I spent part of my weekend binge-watching "Parenthood" on DVD.  I have to finish watching Season 2 and then make time to view the rest before Season 6 starts in September.   It's a high-quality show that I highly recommend.  If you're bored by this summer's reruns, maybe you'll want to catch up on a show you might have missed along the way.  Here's a link to some shows that E Entertainment Television considers "binge-worthy."

Are you a fan of "Parenthood?"  Is there a show that you're watching multiple episodes of in order to catch up?