To give the State credit, when I headed to work this morning, the Parkway was dry and all lanes were fully cleared. However, not the same can be said for local roads.

Obviously, less traveled roads will be lower on the priority list, but I was surprised by how many township roads and county roads were still a slushy mess.

With some major county roads only cleared enough for one full lane, I experienced a few dicey situations where a two lane road suddenly became one and a half lanes or less, with no warning. There's still a lot to be done to make the roads safely passable.

Of course, we were hit with a storm that dumped a lot of snow on us in only 24 hours. But now that we're about 36 hours after the final flakes landed, it should  be a priority to make all of the roads, at least the main ones, safely passable. Especially with below freezing temperatures on the way tonight.

How are the roads where you live and work? Comment below and let us know!